Air Orchids Supermarket

We also provide 1 acre of land to be a showroom, known as Air Orchids supermarket, running in supermarket atmosphere and selling more than 100 new hybrids in each season.  We offer selling space for wide range of ornamental plants from other nurseries and create value added basket of orchid plants mixed with other ornamental plants as a gift product for customers. Gardening tools and nutrients for plants are also available making Air Orchids supermarket a one-stop service place for all orchids-lovers. Recent years, our place has been recognized as a tourist stop where visitors can see the reality of what goes on at orchid farm starting from breeding work until finished plants store.

The Flask Cafe’ by Air Orchids

With the opening of the restaurant, The Flask Café by Air Orchids, customer can spend more time sipping a cup of coffee or tea or having some good dish while selecting plants. Enjoying the time with flowers, taking photos, chatting with friends, all visitors can have a good time here.

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