Dendrobium Soamsawali

Generic Name: Dendrobium
Common Name: Soamsawali
Father Plant: Dendrobium Compactum Bota Blue
Mother Plant: Dendrobium Thanida White
Breeder: Mr.Sawong Khumvichian, Air Orchids Founder


The History and Defining Characteristics of “Dendrobium Soamsawali”

                Her Royal Highness, Princess Soamsawali, has bestowed this new species of red Dendrobium the name “Dendrobium Soamsawali.”  This new species was bred and cultivated by Air Orchid & Lab in July 2017.    

                The historical botanical characteristic of this orchid is a soft and light violet color, which is a new shade of color for Dendrobium, with white stripes on the petals. As it begins to bloom, the flowers turn violet and flower as a bunch. This orchid is compact in size and easy to take care of. The average height of the plant, including flowers, is about 40-50 cm. It is suitable for decoration, both as a flowering plant or cut flower, as its stalk is not as long as other plants in this family. The flower’s intense color will be more outstanding if exhibited with neon lights. Because the flowers can last for several weeks and it flowers throughout the year, Soamsawali can be used as decoration for any festivals or occasion.