Dendrobium Pink Nagarindra

Generic Name: Dendrobium

Common Name: Dendrobium Pink Nagarindra

Father Plant: Dendrobium Blushing

Mother Plant: Dendrobium Arica

Breeder: Mr.Sawong Khumvichian,, Air Orchids Founder


The History and Defining Characteristics of “Dendrobium Pink Nagarindra “

                Her Royal Highness, Princess Galyani Vadhana, has bestowed this new species of pink Dendrobium the name “Dendrobium Pink Nagarindra.”  This new species was bred and cultivated by Air Orchid & Lab on 2nd May 2017.

                The hallmark botanical characteristic of this orchid is its pinkish-white petals with pinkish-red at the tip of all 5 petals. The flowers are semi-circular. The silver specks in the petal will glisten in the light. The vibrant flowers will turn a dark aged-rose color during winter. The average height of the plant, including flowers, is about 30-40 cm.  It is suitable for decoration, both as a flowering plant or cut flower, as its stalk is not too long. As it flowers more than 3 times a year, and the flower will last several weeks, the Pink Nagarindra can be used in any festival or occasion.