Dendrobium Moung Rachakumaree

Generic Name: Dendrobium

Common Name: Dendrobium Royal Kumari Purple

Father Plant: Dendrobium Sakura

Mother Plant: Dendrobium Airy Blue

Breeder: Mr.Sawong Khumvichian, Air Orchids Founder


The History and Defining Characteristics of “Dendrobium Royal Kumari Purple

                Her Royal Highness, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, has bestowed this new species of purple Dendrobium the name “Dendrobium Royal Kumari Purple.”  This new species was bred and cultivated by Air Orchid & Lab in July 2014.

                The hallmark botanical characteristic of this orchid is outstanding dark-purple petals. International orchid collectors have named the color of this orchid’s petals “Kumari Blue”. Because of its strong stalk, this orchid grows longer and taller than other varieties of Dendrobium. Royal Kumari Purple is easy to plant and take care of and very ornate, thus making it suitable for cut orchid floral arrangements. Like its cousin, the Dendrobium Raktasirin, it is also used as a potted plant for decoration in all local festivals and celebratory occasions because its flowers last longer than other varieties.