Comments and suggestions for customers with no import experience

  1. There are many types of exported orchid products, i.e.,
  • Flasks: baby orchid plants in flasks,
  • Seedlings: baby orchid plants in 1″ pots,
  • Potted Plants: potted orchid plants in 3.5″ pot (both about-to-bloom and blooming), and
  • Orchid Cuttings.
  1. Our company mainly focuses on exporting Dendrobium flasks, seedlings, some potted plants, and flower cuttings.
  2. Since we are a wholesaler, a minimum order quantity is required. This is due to some difficulties we encounter when managing stock and operating to ensure availability on shipments.
  3. If you are new to this business, we do recommend that you should have some customers in hand first, such as flower shops, hotels, or supermarkets. They will be able to guide you towards what kind of products they are interested in, or what they believe they can sell.
  4. If you have never experienced importing plants into your country, your very first priority should be studying your country’s import regulations in regard to plants. In some countries, growing material such as coconut fiber is forbidden. It has happened in the past with some of our customers that their plants were seized at customs and destroyed because of this oversight.
  5. It’s important that the importer must obtain a proper “import permit or permit to import” from their government office and send a soft copy to us.