Our Story

Air Orchids and Lab offers customers supreme quality orchids at a respectively reasonable price. We have over 30 years of hand-on experience, with continuous improvement and development of new orchid hybrids. We are the leader of Dendrobium orchids in Thailand. The company is a well-known “wholesaler and exporter” of new breeds. Importantly, Mr.Air (the owner) has bred more than 2,000 varieties of new hybrids so far with most of them being exported worldwide. We grow our orchids on 100 acres of land in order to ensure that our customers will always find what they need and our production continues to expand year after year.


Air Orchids & Lab has a full facilitated laboratory offering high quality meri-clone and seed culturing services for the orchid and ornamental plant industry.

Our Farm

We grow our orchids on 100 acres of land. With GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification we have obtained, customers can feel confident that our plants are cultivated in a good manner following comprehensive standards and they will always receive qualified plants they are looking for.


We have experienced in exporting orchid all over the world for a decade: Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia. As required in international standard, we have a modern packing house, professional staffs and packing process to ensure that all products will be delivered to customers promptly in best condition.

Air Orchids Supermarket

Imagine how lovely life is if you can spend a whole day shopping for more than hundred varieties of stunning orchids in Supermarket atmosphere. Air Orchid Supermarket is the very first Orchid Supermarket in Thailand where you can select orchid plants you like, put them as many as you want into shopping cart and they will be promptly packed and loaded into your vehicles. Within an acre of the supermarket, we welcome you all both wholesale and retail customers. Our place has become well-known as a tourist stop of Nakornpathom province. Free Coffee and water are also available at all time!!visitor at all time. 

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